crochet, crochet love

Feeling the love – part two πŸ’—

Very happy πŸ˜†

I made more hearts and they are so cute, I love them! I have made quite a few using some of the left over yarns I have knocking about.

As I mentioned in part one of this blog, these hearts will be part of an ongoing project I am making for my little ones. This is coming along nicely … the children are very pleased … and I will share more details in part three to this blog 😊

For now here they are …

Sublime :: baby cashmere merino silk :: dk :: cheeky

Left over from a very very special project which was a crocheted personalised baby blanket.

Lovely yarn that I have left over from making mittens for my little girl when she was a baby πŸ’—

Wendy :: Aran with wool :: aran :: berry (left) rose blush (right)

Left over from two different crocheted blankets.

Wendy :: Aran with wool :: aran :: grenadine

The end of a ball of yarn from a blanket I am crocheting at the moment which is about 2/3 finished (and I should really be working on instead of making hearts!!).

This yarn is left over from making a super chunky rainbow 🌈 scarf for my little girl (I don’t remember the brand πŸ€” the yarn was quite pretty and caught my daughter’s eye and she demanded I make her something from it!). It is very eye catching but I can’t say I enjoyed using it. The scarf was my picture for the Wishing the day away blog post.

Now back to the red blanket!

The heart pattern used is by Amanda Jones Crochet


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